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RFEs and Bugs!

Hi all,

As I stated in my previous post, I started to contribute to phpMyAdmin from last few weeks. And these last weeks have been quite eventful and wonderful.

The basic way to contribute to majority of the open-source projects is to take a cue for the project developers and start with some basic bugs and RFEs (Requested Feature enhancements) on their tracker. I did the same with PMA.

Marc’s advice to look out for newer bugs and RFEs really helped! And I started working on RFE #1606.

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phpMyAdmin – A new Beginning in Open Source Contributions!

Hi all,

I am back after a long time once again. After a series of bug fixes for WordPress Meta, I have recently started to contribute to phpMyAdmin project. I will continue contributing to WordPress as well but for now, I am excited about phpMyAdmin.

phpMyAdmin provides a web interface to MySQL and is widely famous for its use on servers and hosts. It has variety of features and is easily a great alternative to the normal command-line interface as well as the MySQL workbench, which is only a desktop application.

phpMyAdmin uses sourceforge for their bug and RFE tracking and git for code management. I recently fixed 1-2 bugs and implemented 2 features for them. I am looking to increase my contribution, understand the code-base and submit a proposal in GSoC 2015 with phpMyAdmin.

I will be posting the proposal here on the blog as well. But for now, mid-sems starting this Monday! So let’s hope for the best!


Link to Github Org :

Link to sourceForge project :

Link to GSoC 2015 :