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Project Details: GSoC 2017 with phpMyAdmin

As I had posted earlier, my proposal for ‘Improving phpMyAdmin’s Selenium testsuite and Error Reporting Server’ got accepted in Google Summer of Code with phpMyAdmin.

The project aims to provide some added and improved functionality in the areas of functional/selenium testing and phpMyAdmin’s error reporting server.

The project details are presented under two broad headings:

  1. Tasks related to Error Reporting Server
  2. Tasks related to Selenium testing

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Selected for GSoC 2017 with phpMyAdmin

The list of accepted projects for Google Summer of Code (GSoC), 2017 was published yesterday. My proposal on ‘Improving phpMyAdmin’s Selenium testsuite and Error Reporting Server’ submitted to phpMyAdmin has been selected.

This is the second time that I would be participating in GSoC and my second time with phpMyAdmin. This time I would be mentored by Michal Čihař. I would soon be adding a separate blog post about the project details.

Congratulations to all those whose proposals were selected. Cheers!

Looking forward to a great summer ahead with phpMyAdmin again! 🙂

phpMyAdmin – A new Beginning in Open Source Contributions!

Hi all,

I am back after a long time once again. After a series of bug fixes for WordPress Meta, I have recently started to contribute to phpMyAdmin project. I will continue contributing to WordPress as well but for now, I am excited about phpMyAdmin.

phpMyAdmin provides a web interface to MySQL and is widely famous for its use on servers and hosts. It has variety of features and is easily a great alternative to the normal command-line interface as well as the MySQL workbench, which is only a desktop application.

phpMyAdmin uses sourceforge for their bug and RFE tracking and git for code management. I recently fixed 1-2 bugs and implemented 2 features for them. I am looking to increase my contribution, understand the code-base and submit a proposal in GSoC 2015 with phpMyAdmin.

I will be posting the proposal here on the blog as well. But for now, mid-sems starting this Monday! So let’s hope for the best!


Link to Github Org :

Link to sourceForge project :

Link to GSoC 2015 :