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Project Details : Feature Request Project Enhancements

Hi, as I posted earlier, my project ‘GSoC 2015 Feature Request Enhancements‘ got selected with phpMyAdmin in Google Summer of Code, 2015. This are some details about the project : Project Details The project aims to provide some added functionality to the users in the above mentioned areas. The project involves implementing these RFEs over the summer:

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Selected for GSoC 2015 with phpMyAdmin

Hi all,

The list of accepted projects for Google Summer of Code, 2015 [0] was published yesterday (i.e.) 27th April, 2015. My project ‘GSoC 2015 Feature Request Enhancements’ submitted to phpMyAdmin[1] has been selected.

Seeing my name up there and recieving the mail regarding my selection was one of the happiest moments of my life.

I am grateful to my family especially my elder brother, Dr. Aniket; all my friends especially Varad Gautam, without whom I don’t think I would even have participated this year.

Thank you all. Looking forward to a great summer ahead with phpMyAdmin 🙂



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