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WordPress Meta #262

Hi there!

After having tried my hands at some of the bugs with “good-first-bugs” tag in the meta section, I thought it wise to move to other open tickets.

And here I land at #262.

The WordCamp organizers generally print and/or distribute the Badges at their wordcamps which are often called “Gravatar Badges”. These are made by fetching the Gravatars from the emails that the attendees enter while booking their tickets through the Camptix plugin used by .

At present the process is too long and is not that simple. Ian has made it slightly automated to fetch the gravatars but its still not that convenient.

The Current Process is mentioned here.

The #262 is basically about making that process slightly simple. So, I looked to build upon the Script that Ian had already put up here and tried to make the patch.

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WordPress Development Re-started!

Hello Happy New Year! 

Here I am again! Back again after a long time!

After my application( failed though! ) in last year’s GSoC 2014 with WordPress, I was almost cut off from the community and development due to some other commitments. But when I used WordPress in December 2014 while revamping the Society for Students’ Mess Services, BITS Pilani’s website, that spark came back to me.

I wondered how simple and beautiful the software is and thought I should contribute to it! And being a Developer myself, Core seemed to be a valid option but this time I chose Meta as last year I had applied for the’s project and I still felt something for it !

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My Project Description for Forms Plugin

Project Description:

Describe your idea in detail:

I am going to work upon the “Forms_Plugin” Idea on the WordPress GSoC 2014 Page(Link). As described in the Project Idea on the Page, WordPress uses a lot of ‘forms’ on their community sites (like for various purposes like applications, contact forms, post submissions, sign-up forms, surveys, etc. They currently use a combination of Poll daddy surveys and Jetpack forms (Commercial ones).
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