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Holidays near end ! Exciting New Semester Ahead !

Hello. Happy New  Year.
I am back after a little time. Had my real brother’s engagement on 5th Jan to attend, so was mostly busy in that.

As the Days are going past, The day to go back to Pilani are nearing. The Sadness feeling of leaving the Family once again for a span of 4.5 Months is also accompanied by the excitement of the new semester are blending in quite well.

As these holidays near end, I go back in time and review how the last 1 month has shaped for me. Read the rest of this entry


My Project While Learning PHP, MySQL and Stuff…

Hii All
I started to learn PHP, MySQL after I got in touch with HTML-CSS(where I created a simple site with CSS for Maharashtra Mandal ,BITS Pilani though it was never used 😛 ).
The Login form had always excited me. I learnt how it worked and found out what I would have to learn to make one myself. I found many options available to me such as Ruby on Rails, Python – Django and PHP.

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My First Plugin For Wordpress – A Nice and Simple Start

As I have mentioned before, I wanted to contibute to the development of PHP Based Open Source CMSes. I decided to start with Plugin Development for WordPress. A large and nice Documentation on WordPress itself, Very large number of Tutorials on other sources on web and a supa-large and an always ready-to-help community were important factors that influenced in my decision.

As I started to understand basic structure of the Plugins, I wanted a simple idea to work upon.

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