My Work

This page describes a few of my academic and non-academic projects through last 3 years.

1. Society for Student Mess Services (SSMS), Pilani – Mess Management System

I worked as a Technical Lead for SSMS, Pilani which caters to the daily food needs of all 4000 thousands of BITS Pilani (Pilani Campus).

I, along with Sumit Binnani, developed and maintained a complete billing and inventory management system which is currently used in all the seven messes and the All Night Canteen on campus.

The system is designed in VB.NET and uses MySQL as DBMS. The reviews of the users (currently not available Online) suggest that the interface is quite intuitive and easy-to-use. The interface has been designed simple and clear so that the under-educated or even to some levels, the uneducated workers working in the food counters can easily use it.

The system handles transactions worth ₹50 Million yearly. It is well-quipped with a different levels of user security, report generations and backup(self and manual) modules.

The code for the software(s) is available on SSMS’s github page here.

2. Society for Student Mess Services (SSMS), Pilani – Website

SSMS Pilani wanted its users (students on-campus) to be able to see details of every transactions, manage their accounts and also provide feedback about the food quality so that they can be better served.

I designed and developed the website.

The website does not use any standard framework as of now, but is consistent with its structure throughout the code and is well-organised. It has been developed from scratch keeping in mind the requirements of the administration as well as the end-users.

The interface(developed with Twitter Bootstrap) has been kept simple without over-crowding but includes all the details required by the user.

The login has been implemented using Google+ login (OAuth2) and can be accessed only by the  users having a ‘’ email address.

On logging in, one can view all the details regarding his/ her mess transactions, All night Canteen transactions, his/ her grubs signed among others. The user can provide meal-wise as well as a general feedback regarding the mess food.

The report generation module for the administrators has been fully implemented inside the website.

The code for the website is available here.

3. BITS Pilani’s ERP data processor

BITS Pilani uses ‘Oracle PeopleSoft’ for its ERP system. The consultancy (not to be named here) was ultimately not able to conquer and translate the complex features of the whole academic system available at the university into this system.

The ‘Academic Registration and Counselling Division’ (ARCD), BITS Pilani had formed a 6 – membered team for developing a ERP data processor which would take in the data from existing ERP, process it, output a few very important reports (still unavailable from PeopleSoft) and also point out the problems with the data in PeopleSoft.

I lead this 6-membered team and we successfully developed the software within 15-18 days in March, 2015 working for around 5-6 hours daily. The result was quite fruitful and the software was ultimately used to remove all anomalies from the PeopleSoft data along with generation of eligibilty sheets (similar to Transcripts) for all 4000 students on campus.

The software was designed in Java and used JavaFX for designing GUI. The reports were generated as plain text files which were then converted to PDFs. It was well-equipped with automatic data import, error handling and logging modules.

Thus, in all, the software proved to be very crucial in implementation of ERP system across the university.

The code for the software can not be made public at this point of time.

4. Developer

Profile :


I developed 2 independent plugins for and provided an add-on for Automattic’s (Company behind WordPress) ticketing management plugin ‘Camptix’.

My 2 independent plugins have a combined 1000+ downloads in a year.

Post Views – 900+ downloads 
Blog Tools – 250+ downloads

Meta Commits:

I also contributed to WordPress Meta website

One of the accepted fixes was for #720 and in-review for #262.


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