Weekly phpMyAdmin contributions 2016 – Week9

Last week was focused on bug-fixing in main repository and refactoring and adding some tests to the SQL parser. The parser library has now has reached unit test coverage of 99.75% as reported by the Codecov.io tool. The rest of week in which I had thought I would find less time, in fact turned out to be quite normal and I made and pushed fixes for some newer issues as well
as some issues which had been opened since a few months. I also reviewed a pull request adding a grey color for NULL cells in the result set to make it more recognizable.

Some issues in the SQL parser, for example, an issue with incorrect parsing of various types of JOINs and improper lexing of begin labels in the stored procedure statements were also fixed during the week’s bug-fixing.

Next week, I might take a look at the security issues along with the regular bug-fixing and taking up some refactoring work if the time permits. Since, I would be travelling back to campus on Monday and Tuesday, my activity might be slightly less over these two days, but I hope I would be able to make up for it during the remaining part of the week.

Handled issues:
* #12665 Cannot add a foreign key – fields not listed
* #12195 Row_format = fixed not visible
* #12228 SQL parser indicates error for Event definitions using BEGIN..END
* #12344 inapt error symbol when labeling a loop in a routine
* #12661 Error inserting into pma__history after timeout
* #12610 Export of tables with Timestamp/Datetime/Time columns defined with ON UPDATE clause with precision fails
* #12622 Javascript error from Designer
* #12664 Create Bookmark broken
* #12637 Use of a Timestamp column with a value greater than 23:00:00 is not allowed by PMA 4.6.4
* #12543 NULL results in dataset are colored grey
* #12662 Null results in dataset now colored grey (#12543)
* #12454 Query history not updated in console until page refresh
* #12365 Error on displaying total number of records when executing a select query on a table which contains large number of records
* #12656 Server selection not working
* #64 Error #57 fixed.
* #57 inapt error symbol when labeling a loop in a routine
* #93 “Natural” not recognized


About Deven Bansod

I am a recent graduate with a dual degree in B.E.(Hons.) Computer Science Engg. and M.Sc.(Hons.) Economics from BITS Pilani, Pilani (India). I am interested in and have been contributing to development of free and open source software s (FOSS). More recently, I have been contributing to phpMyAdmin, a web interface to MySQL, written in PHP. I'm looking for opportunities to contribute to interesting open-source softwares.

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