Weekly phpMyAdmin contributions 2016 – Week1

This week (or rather a half-week since I started only on Thursday, 1st Sept) was the first as a part of my phpMyAdmin contractor position. This post describes the major contributions that I did over this week. I would be regularly posting (mostly on Mondays) about the work carried out as a part of the contract in the previous week.

Last week, I started out with some fixes in the main repository along with focusing on the SQL parser trying to understand the parser’s codebase as I was completely new to its development.

After the decision to not include the ‘Token’ parameter in the GET requests URLs was committed, some functionalities, which used AJAX requests, were broken as the token parameter was not passed in their POST request, leading to a ‘Token mismatch’ error. I fixed this by inspecting all the Ajax POST requests that the code makes and adding a ‘Token’ parameter, if it did not exist.

I worked on the SQL parser and tried to reproduce and fix some basic errors in parsing of statements. Since I was not very sure of the fixes, I have made a couple of PRs (#66 and #67) and I hope someone can help me by reviewing it before merging.

While trying to reproduce the issue related to incomplete flagging of DROP DATABASE statements in SQL parser, I realized that in fact the parser would identify those statements correctly but the flags wer not being used appropriately inside phpMyAdmin’s codebase. I have made a PR (#12532) to fix this as well.

Next week’s focus would be similar with divided focus on some bugs and refactoring issues from phpMyAdmin and on resolving some issues with the SQL parser. Hopefully more issues would be fixed once the PRs I have made are merged.

Handled issues:
* #12534 Option for the dropped column is not removed from ‘after_field’ select, after the column is dropped
* #12535 Decimals get removed when editing the field
* #12529 Error with ‘enum’ type fields
* #12523 Add ‘token’ Parameter in all POST requests (Fix ‘Token mismatch’ errors)
* #12474 Broken links in Setup forms Navigation
* #12494 Can’t add new user
* #12525 SQL Error while adding enum column
* #54 Properly flag queries as DROP DATABASE


About Deven Bansod

I am a recent graduate with a dual degree in B.E.(Hons.) Computer Science Engg. and M.Sc.(Hons.) Economics from BITS Pilani, Pilani (India). I am interested in and have been contributing to development of free and open source software s (FOSS). More recently, I have been contributing to phpMyAdmin, a web interface to MySQL, written in PHP. I'm looking for opportunities to contribute to interesting open-source softwares.

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