GSoC 2015 : Weekly Report #9 : RFE #1163, RFE #1396 & some corrections

Week #9

Task(s) completed:

RFE #1163 : PMA not using SET NAMES on using custom charset/ collation (Not implemented, but closed)

Tasks worked upon:

RFE #1396 : Support MySQL 5.6 SHA256 secure password

Scheduled Deadline: 9th August

Completed on: NA


1. We decided that since we are not able to reproduce the exact problem, even though we had found a potential spot for bug that variables ‘character_set_client’ and ‘character_set_results’ are never changed and always stuck at ‘utf8mb4’; we would be closing this RFE for now without doing any changes.

Further, if any related feature-requests or bug reports are received, then we can discuss the problem with the ticket creator there and then make the required changes.

Description is available at a previous post.

The PR at [0] will be closed soon.

2. We received a feedback from the ticket creator of RFE #1606 – Add a filter to the process list saying that it does not work for Maria DB.

I checked out their documentation and examples at : here[1] and here[2].

3. Others:

The bug[3] and feature request[4] that I pointed out last week were successfully merged with PRs at [5] and [6].

I will work on an additional feature of RFE #1679 : Ctrl/Alt + Enter to submit forms in PMA once I find the time. May be this can be treated as a replacement for this unimplemented RFE #1163.

4. Now I will start working on the last feature on the timeline i.e. RFE #1396 : Support MySQL 5.6 SHA256 secure password

While writing the proposal, I did not have enough knowledge of this feature. But I am currently researching as much as I can about this and will be able to complete it soon. Updates will be posted next week.

​[0] :
[1] :
[2] :
[3] :
[4] :
[5] :
[6] :


About Deven Bansod

I am a recent graduate with a dual degree in B.E.(Hons.) Computer Science Engg. and M.Sc.(Hons.) Economics from BITS Pilani, Pilani (India). I am interested in and have been contributing to development of free and open source software s (FOSS). More recently, I have been contributing to phpMyAdmin, a web interface to MySQL, written in PHP. I'm looking for opportunities to contribute to interesting open-source softwares.

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  1. You did good work on the 1163 feature request and I’m glad you spent the time researching and implementing the fix. Even though it didn’t get merged, I think it was still a valuable process.

    About the 1396 SHA256 password project, I’m glad about how open you are about not being familiar with it. I think none of us were and you’ve done good research to learn about it. You got up to speed quickly and showed an eagerness to learn about it even though you didn’t have any previous experience with that particular aspect of the code. I’m currently trying to test many different aspects of it, for instance on different server versions, and I think you’ve done a nice job of implementing it.


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